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Hello readers welcome to new post. Today we will discuss 6 Layer High Precision PCBs for $20. There are many pcb suppliers are working in this world that provides the pcb based services at different rates. But of the best pcb services provider is JLCPCB that providing the services to their user since last decades. Recently they have introduced their promotions for sixe layer PCB prototype. They are not getting any additional cost for via in pad for six layer PCB boards. With that you can get the six layers boards in just 20$ before 5th January 2023. The board having dimensions of 5cm*5cm can be get in 20$ in place of 100$.

With that they are offering the six layer board with dimensions of 10cm*10cm (5pcs) and 5cm*5cm (10pcs) in just $60–63 that have 85$ prices. The engineering cost also has reduced from 100$ to sixty dollars. This offering for everyone must visit the JCLCPB site to get huges discounts on 6 layers boards with great quality.

Quality of JLCPCB 6-layer PCBs

  • Here below diagram board is shown that have parameters discussed here
  • It has sixe layer, with 78.05mm*70.37mm dimensions
  • this board can be used to creation of FPGA development boards since it is modified hardware accelerator board.
  • The forty percent of via created on pads and all BGA packaging used via on Pad

Board 2

  • There is another board shown that has six layers with 100.05mm*135.05mm dimensions and it is part of RF synthesizer for RF signal switching and self calibration
  • It has twenty six percent vias positioned on pads

Board 3

Importance of Free ENIG & via-in-pad

  • In case of multilayer boards having six layers or more ENIG and via in pad are important facts to enhance PCB reliability.
  • For six layer and more they normally preferred the ENIG for surface finishing. Since these boards mostly used with high lead density configurations which require flat surface for soldering.
  • Through use of ENIG required flatness for solder pads can be get with good conductivity and solderability.
  • While via in pad also called VIP that via are punched on pads of SMD and BGA components.
  • Through using the JLCPCB POFV or plating over filled via technique not only reduce the design engineer pressure but also enhances the PCB board quality and electrical performance for high design effectiveness
  • With that overall volume of board also reduces. To get the free vis in pad for six layer ENIG board visit this link Free ENIG & via-in-pad

How Via in Pad created on JLCPCB

  • In above figure you can see four pads on left side that are created with use of via in pad, the via holes in pad are plugged through epoxy and after that plated with copper to make flat surface.
  • While pad on right side is created through use of regular process and via hole is exposed, it is not required since during reflow soldering the solder can be wicked in the hole then element will not be completely soldered that can make it disconnected easily.
  • At JLCPCB there is high quality and stable filled and capped vias used through combination of plugging and capping.
  • This technique make this structure. In via in pad technique copper on finished surface of board is electroplated two time, one for hole in disk hole copper plating and other for non in disk hole in hole copper plating

Advantages of JLCPCB 6 Layer PCB

  • JLCPCB has updated the via in pad process for six layer boards for free and offered free ENIG to create PCB projects with high stability and reliability.
  • As this pcb supplier has large scale production so has ability to decrease charges permitting everyone to get advantages of this JLCPCB advanced production.
  • Here at JLCPCB, you can get the one to four layer boards in just two dollars and also enjoy high level ENIG and via in pad process at good rates

Free Via-in-Pad on 6-Layer PCBs with POFV

  • JLCPCB via in pad on six layer PCB are updated to POFV for free and will remain to free for all coming high layer count boards
  • It means that there will be no charges for it for sample or batch order, permitting users to get the advantage of this feature of JLCPCB advanced manufacturing. Here must note that POFV of four layers board still have charges
  • Via in pad is mostly used in high end boards, but this process has been a premium feature inaccessible to independent designers and engineers due to its high charges
  • But JLCPCB has made changes in this aspect through their advanced via in pad process assuring more stability and reliability then regular tented and plugged vias through use of copper plating thickness up to twenty five microamperes. This process known as POFV.

Advantages of JLCPCB’s POFV Process

Good Electrical Functions

Save Vias in Harsh Conditions

POFV Manufacturing

  • For regular vias these capped vias are firstly drilled and after plated but not like the normal vias they faces the additional steps such as epoxy filling, heating to dry the epoxy, surface levelling and then plating step to make the cap over the via
  • As this process is difficult but high operation and easy to use make this process effective

POFV Design Requirements

  • There are some requirements that you follow
  • Annular ring: 0.05 mm minimum, 0.075 mm preferred
  • Via hole size: 0.2 to 0.5 mm

That is all about the 6 Layer High Precision PCBs for $20 and POFV feature of JLCPCB must avail this features to get the high qualty boards thanks for reading have a good day

Author: Henry


I am a professional engineer and graduate from a reputed engineering university also have experience of working as an engineer in different famous industries. I am also a technical content writer my hobby is to explore new things and share with the world. Through this platform, I am also sharing my professional and technical knowledge to engineering students.

Originally published at https://www.theengineeringknowledge.com on November 16, 2022.



it is platform where we provides different types of engineering and electrical related knowledge

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it is platform where we provides different types of engineering and electrical related knowledge