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PCB Design with EasyEDA & JLCPCB

  • To design PCB board through EasyEDA and also I am using it to make the design.
  • Move to EasyEDA site then log to your account after that press on EasyEDA designer tab then new projects tab will seen press on it and write the name of your project then save it and the new interface will be shown can seen here
  • Now we will draw the circuit of our project that we are using for PCB design. The CIrcuit can seen here

Project Components

  • The component that we will use in the circuit are listed here
  • capacitor 5 in number
  • TDA2003A
  • Resistances 4 in numbers
  • Speaker as load
  • All values of these components can be seen in the above figure
  • Al these components of circuits are get from the component library can seen in the below figure.
  • After that, all components connect according to the projects circuit diagram and their respective value changes according to requirements.
  • Now move to design tab and press on the convert schematic to PCB new interface will be display.
  • After that drag all components in the blue color rectangular box
  • Now use the autorouter option to get the resultant routing of circuit can seen here
  • final look is like this
  • Performing the all requirements final design of the circuit is this from front and backside
  • Now upload the Gerber file to JLPCB that can seen here and set the required parameters
  • When you adjust the all parameter to the board press on the add to cart button.
  • Your order of design has been sent to the JLCPCB on the basis of projects requirements and time needed they will creates you board and send to you

Author: Henry




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